Sunday, March 12, 2017


Oh my goodness I do NOT know where the times goes...I can still go back to you birth day...clear as a bell...didn't feel great...and I was grouchy!!! You remember the furnace in the old house...I was curled up by it when your dad left for work...he asked if he needed to stay home...I said no...I'm not in labor I just don't feel was my doctors appointment day...and they thought I maybe was in labor...I was at 5 then...and they had me come back at the end of the day...then I was 6...never felt a pain one...they admitted came...the doctor said he didn't want to be up all night so he broke my water and I was holding you within the hour...!!! Maybe as easy as your delivery was that is where your pain tolerance comes from!!!!

I'm thankful for you in my life and our lives...each one of you kids bring something special and unique to our family...and each one of you makes us who we are as a family!!!

I'm thankful you love Jesus...and Donnie and you gave us those precious kiddos...I thankful you teach...and that you love on the kids at BCBC...I thankful that you extend me grace and mercy...never lose that gift of extending grace and mercy...

I'm thankful you are my daughter and my friend...and one of my biggest prayer warriors...

I pray this coming year is full of excitement and adventure and all kinds of JOY!!!!

Love you Sis!!!!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Forever changed

We live in a country where we have the opportunity to make something out of our lifes...the American Dream if you will...if you work hard enough you can overcome your circumstances and back ground. Even in poverty, with enough hard work and determination you can overcome your environment...I've seen this in my own family......

We've just returned home from a place that doesn't have the same opportunities...a place where, for the most part, the circumstances you are born in are the circumstances you will die in. 

We also have the INCREDIBLE opportunity in our country to have the freedom to follow freedom...with as much passion as possible or as little sadly...we can share the Truth of Christ everyday without fear of persecution (dangerous persecution) not the kind that means we are called a "Jesus Freak" but that kind that can mean we may go hungry or without water or be beaten or worse....and YET...we take this for granted...we realize missed opportunities on a regular basis...but does that break our hearts...we'd rather have our weekends to ourselves than serve...and we justify this...we want our kids involved in as many activities as possible...even when that means there is no time for church...and again we justify...we protest and march for this right and that right bu when was the last time we took the same amount of time...spent on our faces...seeking God's will for our lives...our nations...we call our selves Christians...but when was the last time we truly had time for that really all there is to our faith?

The place/people we just returned home from understand the true cost to be a follower of Christ...they understand what it is like to be the only follower in their village and be under true  be the only believer in their have water withheld from the village have no one purchase goods or crops from them so that they can make a small living for their families...or the fear of being tied up and beaten for no other reason than they love Jesus...and yet they stay the coarse...they run the race...they fix their eyes on Christ...

We met a young man who is the only believer in his family. He has been for several years now...He is the eldest son and it is time, his parents say, for him to be married...they have arranged a Hindi bride for him...this young man is having to make some very difficult his culture, to refuse this request/demand from his parents will bring great disgrace to them...yet to obey them means to disobey God...he is choosing to obey the Lord, however, this may cost him his family...forever...yet he stands firm...he counts the cost and decides Christ is worth it...Please pray for our friend...and for salvation to come to his parents and brothers....

Each time Scott and I return from one of these trips it is more and more difficult for us to return to the states...where it is so easy to be a's easy to attain the "American Dream" in our own flesh...with this freedom, I fear we really don't see a need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ...When I think of America and then some of the other countries where persecution is rampant...I think of the story in the Bible Jesus tells of the rich man and the beggar...oh how I pray America wakes up...for those in America who ARE passionate about a relationship with Jesus Christ...and sharing the Gospel...may we be sold out to the very end...may we be willing the count the cost...

The village we were in had no real modern prepackaged items to whip together for a quick meal...and CERTAINLY no McDonald's...we had some of the people who came to our training sessions who walked 3 hours to get there...sat on a concrete floor for 4 hours to learn what God had to say to them...then walk home 3 more hours...THEN they would begin the task of cooking a meal that would take at least 2 hours to prepare for their family...then do dishes...get up early to prepare breakfast (remember they don't have pop tarts!) and begin the 3 hour journey again...and they did this for 6 days straight...and we complain one day a week if the pastor speaks to dare we put our limit on the Holy Spirit...

I cannot adequately find the words to describe how this impacted my life...I can still close my eyes and see the faces of the 50 plus women who came each day for they shared the hard part of being a Christian there...and yet staying lady shared that her family are the only believers in their village and their village was having a meeting to decided what they might do about them...and yet she said we's too important to not come...she said they didn't know what they would face when they went home...that is counting the see they all, mom and all their children...if we, as American's won't count the cost to miss a ballgame, how in the world will we count the cost when true persecution comes....not only for us...but our HE worth that? Let me ask you their (our children and grandchildren) eternity?

Please know this are all thoughts the Lord is speaking to my heart about...will I COUNT THE COST...will I stop worrying about things that have no eternal women's rights in America...really? However, the rights of the women in persecuted countries or religions...that has eternal value...that is the example heavy on my heart today...God's word is many, many things of this world are not...yet we put some much of our earthly energy into things of no eternal value...

Matthew 6:33, Romans 10:14-15, Deuteronomy 6:5-9

These people are beautiful...we went to serve the Lord and to serve them...they have forever changed me...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

catch up

Wow it's been a while sine I've written...the holidays have passed and 3 more birthdays! No excuses but also no words...sometimes that know????

Ayden Parker turned 11 years old this year...his is absolutely growing like crazy this year...He loves to talk him some video talk...or star wars...or legos...all of which I'm pretty uneducated in...but he also likes to still come give his ole grammy a hug which makes my day!!!! I pray he never gets to big for that...He has a sense of humor...but doesn't like a bunch of people looking at him either...

Then came his momma's birthday...Cassie is stretching herself in a new role at our is good to see her servants heart again...sometimes wounds take time to know as momma's we want to take those away, but we can't always do that...  but the One who created her can heal them!

The twins turned 8 and they to are growing way to fast!!! They like to give hugs too (really all the kids do!!!!) They are very different and yet share so much in common...I've always said...watching the "twin' thing is truly is a different kind of bond than regular siblings!

In just a few days Scott and I will celebrate our 35 wedding anniversary! I cannot believe we've made it...he is such a faithful man...the funny thing about us is there are so many things we've learned from one another...some of those things maybe neither of us really needed the lesson...and others have made us better's taken me a long time to be able to say I've brought a few good things too...I was just a mess...but God has graced me, had mercy on me and is changing me more each day...(when I yield to Him that is)...I think we are in a good place...Scott and I that is! We started out so young...and we started our family so very empty nest isn't something we've really had...we've enjoyed this time of just's a new place and we like it (for the most part.)

We are preparing to go on another mission trip in just about 8 days...we are excited...anguish, humbled...all the above...we will have many opportunities to do things that will be new to us. We ask for your prayers in the coming days!!!!

We have 2 new grand babies on the way and we are so excited...Michael and Bekah are expecting their first in April and Katie and Thomas in June...I cannot put into words how happy I am...It amazes me how I'm as excited for these two as the first one...and all those in between...

We still have one exchange daughter this year...and one that isn't with us but not to far away...our year has had it's ups and downs but over all we've had a good year! Our girl from Korea will be 16 in a few days and we will be celebrating her birthday this weekend! We also will be celebrating finding out the gender of Katie's baby...and Rylee Belle's baptism!!!

God is so good to us...after we got the phone call from Rylee telling us she was saved...all I could think the world's eye...Scott and I really don't have much...but in our eyes we are the richest most blessed family...we are able to serve the Lord together...all four of our kids love and serve the Lord....they are all married to 4 amazing people who also love and serve the Lord and spur our kids on...and now 4 of  our 6 Grands have a relationship with Jesus the end of the day...I'd say we have all that matters...

Thursday, December 15, 2016


What a year is has been!!! New opportunities all over the place for our Beks!!! New job this year...a fresh heart for church...and on that note...being part of a team at our church that had a very difficult task placed before them and did a stellar job!!!!

I'm so thankful that you just fit us all so you've always been here in our family...and now this year promises the another one of the best things becoming a momma by have already been a momma to a few special children that God continues to use to form and mold your momma heart...

I can't wait to see you and Michael with baby G...

Beks...thanks for completing us...for putting a light in my sons eyes that I've never seen before...for encouraging him and spurring him one...My prayer for you is that he will always and forever do the same for you!!!

I love you so much!!!!


The REAL DEAL!!!! 😉

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Juls jumped into our family and into our hearts as soon as she arrived...she is a very special young lady and we are very blessed that God chose our home to place her in for the next 10 months! Our prayer for her is that she knows she truly is loved in our home and truly is a part of out family...forever and always!!!!

Happy birthday sweet Juliette! I hope your day is amazingly perfect today...

your american momma!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016


Today my baby turns another year older...I honestly cannot tell you how fast the time flies...I remember when all 4 of the kids were small...those days that were hard, or so so busy...people telling the time would go by faster that I could possibly realize...I thought they were crazy at the time but oh my does go by quickly!

Kate, I'm so thankful for you in my life. I was so sure after Michael I would never have another child but then God opened our hearts to the thought of just one more...each of your siblings made our family more and more of what God wanted us to become...each with their distinct personalities...a new dynamic would become part of who our portion of the Griffith clan would become...and you had the job of being God's gift of completing us! I can go back to each of my births as if they were yesterday...the emotions I felt with each one of you! Your day was different for me in many being induced...but two, coming to terms with the fact that for sure you would be the last one! You dad left the hospital to go bring the other kids back to see you and we had a good time of just you and me...after the other 3 I was beginning to realize how I needed to take those times and appreciate them...

You bring such joy to our are your dad made over...I love have his joy for laughter...peacemaker...and passions...

I was reading a blog this morning before I began to type and it was captured my thoughts today because it was written by a woman who has struggled to become the mom God would have her be and not the mom she thought she needed to be...

So this is for all 4 of you...

I cared too much what people thought of me.
It affected my rules, my words, and my actions.

Everyone of you deserved a mom whose identity was grounded and anchored in Christ, and not in her role as a wife and mom or walking around in a rage.  You deserved a mom who knew the God of the Bible and trusted that He was indeed a good, good Father. You deserved a mom who desired to connect to you hearts before correcting you behaviors.

But God.
And Grace.

You didn’t get what I thought you deserved,
but instead you got messy imperfect me.

You got to witness what it looks like to be broken.
You got to watch what it looks like to walk the path of healing.
You got to see God put the pieces of my shattered heart back together.

No, not one of you got what you deserved, but God kept His word and worked all things together for good.

my children never needed broken, messy me.
my children needed put together me.
But you each needed me (and continue to need me) to willing to empty myself of me so that Jesus can shine. 

Those are her words and not mine but that is my heart...I'm thankful for God's grace and forgiveness but so dearly thankful for the grace and forgiveness of my 4 amazing heros in my life...You are hero's because each one of you came out of my mess...standing in Christ... have always been a shining light for Christ...there is nothing in this life that makes this momma's heart more thankful and more inspired than that!

I love you so much...I tease you about still calling dad...daddy...but I'm sure thankful to be your momma!!!

Have a blessed and amazing day today!


Thursday, June 23, 2016


another year has rolled around...I love this man so much that God has blessed me are my best friend...we are both so guilty of not making enough time for one another...we never have...I'm not sure we know...but that is us...has been for 34 years...and for makes the alone times more precious...

I hope you know how loved you truly are...your daughters simply adore their father...all 3 of them...Bekah has the most special place of favorite daughter in law! Michael...he may not have become a trucker...but he is an image of Scott his integrity...his passion for life and laughter...his work ethic...he has followed very much in your footsteps! I know 6 little people that think poppy is a pretty cool guy too! a second generation of little people on the truck!

you have a wife who thinks you are just about it...the life we have together is so special...may we never take it for granted...I love you so much...Happy birthday!!!!