Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy birthday Cassie!

I've thought for 2 weeks just how to but into words what I wanted to say to you this year...I'm still not sure how to find the seems from the outside looking in  the past year has been a good year for you...,like life is good...not that it doesn't have it's challenges and hard times but like it is just right...just good...sweet.

I've watched as you are constantly taking advantage of opportunities to serve Him this past care deeply for your students in your classroom and the children we minister to at EBC.

You and Jesse celebrated 15 years! I can't believe you've been gone that long from home...I love seeing the woman you are becoming...the mom that you are...and the person that you are! Maybe that's the words I'm trying to seem...comfortable with where you are, who you are and who's you are!

I know that you are ever so mindful of the time and investment you pour in to your children. I'm always amazed by all you  kids in that area and I'm so thankful for it...when you are where dad and I are now they will be precious memories for you!!!!

I know 2018 makes you nervous with some challenges and changes but HE is on your side...He will equip you!

I love you sweet girl of mine and pray your day is blessed beyond your wildest dreams!!!

~love mom

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Fixing our eyes...

I've had words in my heart for sometime now but they haven't come to the surface enough for me to share them. I've been treading water for such a long time...tired and weary...sometimes faking it until I can make it my walk with the Lord....the problem is that I've never been good at being a fake Christian...

Sunday our pastor preached out of Hebrews many things God spoke to me about Sunday's a race...not a's grueling at times...painful at times...and at times you want to sit and I've done the past...however long it's been...but I can''s a's world says if it's hard or hurts then don't do it...but that doesn't really is hard at times...and at times it brings the greatest joy a heart can feel...but other times it's so painful you want to just give up. But the takes me throwing off everything that slows me down...and most of that would be my own self centeredness...

But then next thing...the simple thing..the thing I KNOW...but forget...Hebrews 12:2 "Fixing our (my) eyes on Jesus...that means I have to choose to do lift my head up...turn to Him...and on those days that are so heavy and weary...don't just hang my head in self pity and sorrow...when I have no strength left...cry out to Him and HE will left my head so that I can turn my eyes and fix them on Him.

We took my granddaughter to get her ears pierced the other day. This has been a LONG time coming. Unfortunately that day there was only one person so we did the first ear and she did GREAT...but then time for ear #2...and she freaked out!!!!! I can't she said, no no no no no no it hurts to bad...but finally her momma held her tight on her lap...Laney squeezed my hands and we got it done. Reminds me of, well me when my christian walk gets first I'm brave and I can do it all...but then pain happens and I get scared and I can't do, no, no, no...or I'm weary...or I think someone else should do this...but just like Laney...when I rest in Him embrace...all things thru Christ...

I have 2 little grand-babies and I can even see this simple truth in lessons they are teaching me...they are 7 and 8 months old is saying momma and the other dada...their little faces light up when they say the words...oh, to fix my eyes on my heavenly abba!!!! The younger one is still using her walker most of the times now and she sees her momma at the end of the day and she runs those little legs as fast as she can into her moms arms...and the older one is belly growling now and she does they same on her belly when her daddy comes matter what their days are like...they are ready when those mommy's and daddy's come in...

That race...and fixing my eyes on Jesus...running into His arms...makes a heart a heart matter my day...

This is my husband favorite song these days...I think it fits

Thursday, January 4, 2018


I cannot believe that it has been twelve years today that you made me a grammy!!! You are the only grand that I was outside the room and got to hear the doctor say "it's a boy"!!!

You bring such joy to us all! You have changed so much, especially this past year. You've grown so much the last year...almost caught your mom in height.

Poppy and I pray that God uses you in amazing ways in the world! We love you buddy...thanks for never getting to old to give grammy a hug!

Saturday, December 16, 2017


I want to wish my best dil happy birthday! You continue to be such a blessing to not only our family but to me personally...thank you so much for all that you do! Thank you for words of encouragement and for prayers! You are so loved and appreciated...we are not always the best to share that with each other but you are!!!

You have already completed us! You encourage make his shine!!! (yep...he is making fun of me now!!!). You are an amazing mom to Charli and Rory!

I pray not only the 15th but your entire birthday weekend is over and beyond blessed!!! Love you sweet girl and cannot wait to celebrate with you tonight!

~the real deal

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Wow what a year can do in a person's are another year older...and now a momma! I've loved this past year...waiting for yours and Michael's little ones to arrive then to watch you both learn/start the life time process of parenting...

I'm so thankful for you and what you have brought to our family as our exclamation make for our immediate family...have made us laugh until we cry at brought us all met the man of your dreams...and know of a sweet Journie to follow all the days of your life...

But we don't want to forget that you are many young people on a daily basis...I pray God uses you in their lives as be an instrument to encourage those you need that extra encouragement...and to a source of hope for those who seem to have be a light in a dark world...

I love you more than words can say...


Friday, July 21, 2017

Finding my Focus

I wrote this blog while I was at Global last week and wanted to share:

I found myself sad today that Bob isn't here...but you know what I was reminded of just as quickly: God IS here!!!

When will I stop looking to other men and or women and be a sold out passionate follower, seeking and looking and finding You Lord?

Don't get me wrong, the Lord has placed men and women in my/our lives. The ones that come to my mind, God has used them in my life as teacher, mentor, counselors, pastors and friends. God has allowed me to meet and be involved in the lives of men and women who are openly passionate about their relationship with Jesus Christ...they have been willing to teach me what brokenness looks like...and humility...they have allowed me to see what it looks like for another fellow follower to be on a mountain top with the Lord praising Him and what it looks like to cling to Jesus in times of walking through the valleys. 

As these words are coming to my heart Matt Kearns is about to speak...if you have never heard him bring the've missed out...I again, found myself waiting to see what Matt would bring...and realizing just as quickly remembering Matt is nothing without the powerful words of our King!

I have to mention those in my life that have impacted not just me but Scott as well...Jim and Kim Day, Bruce and Cathy Love, Matt Kearns, Chadd Pendergraft, Jared and Dawn Proctor, Bob Caldwell, Scott Griffith...and one our family used to refer to as our own 6th grade hero...I'm so thankful for each and everyone (and other's I've failed to mention)...for their ministries, their words of encouragement...their mentoring...and their friendships...but more than any of that I'm thankful that Jesus Christ is high and lift up in their lives...when times are good...and when times are not!

My focus cannot be on focus must be thank You Lord for You are good!!!! My responds should always and forever be...speak Lord, your servant hears...

I also had this happen while I was gone to part 2....

it really goes with what I've already written...I had someone say Scott and I were some of their heroes...and ALL I could find myself thinking was what wretched, messed people we really are! I find myself wondering if all the hero's of the faith feel the same way...

Truth be told...we all are so messed up and yet God...allows us to be apart of His story...

Lord speak, we will listen...

Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Michael

Just wanted to say happy birthday today! What a year you have had! You've had many changes this past year...starting with a new job! You've made great accomplishments there!

We've all know for years now that you can keep something really quiet when you want to...and this year we found out just how long you can keep a BIG secret...finding out about Charli Grace ranks up there with one of my 8 favorite memories!

Watching you struggle through you back pain and surgery was another memory...I'm thankful to watch the healing continue there and for the surgeon God place in your path!

I say it every year and I still mean it...I always knew you'd make an amazing husband and I love watching you love do it so so well!

But I love watching you with Charli Grace...nothing brings me such joy as to watch you with her! Makes this momma's heart so happy and full! I know you and Beks both desire to teach her the important things in life and for that we are so grateful.

Michael...I pray this year is the best one yet! I love you and I'm so proud of you and honored to be your mom!!!

have a great day!