Thursday, December 15, 2016


What a year is has been!!! New opportunities all over the place for our Beks!!! New job this year...a fresh heart for church...and on that note...being part of a team at our church that had a very difficult task placed before them and did a stellar job!!!!

I'm so thankful that you just fit us all so you've always been here in our family...and now this year promises the another one of the best things becoming a momma by have already been a momma to a few special children that God continues to use to form and mold your momma heart...

I can't wait to see you and Michael with baby G...

Beks...thanks for completing us...for putting a light in my sons eyes that I've never seen before...for encouraging him and spurring him one...My prayer for you is that he will always and forever do the same for you!!!

I love you so much!!!!


The REAL DEAL!!!! 😉

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Juls jumped into our family and into our hearts as soon as she arrived...she is a very special young lady and we are very blessed that God chose our home to place her in for the next 10 months! Our prayer for her is that she knows she truly is loved in our home and truly is a part of out family...forever and always!!!!

Happy birthday sweet Juliette! I hope your day is amazingly perfect today...

your american momma!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016


Today my baby turns another year older...I honestly cannot tell you how fast the time flies...I remember when all 4 of the kids were small...those days that were hard, or so so busy...people telling the time would go by faster that I could possibly realize...I thought they were crazy at the time but oh my does go by quickly!

Kate, I'm so thankful for you in my life. I was so sure after Michael I would never have another child but then God opened our hearts to the thought of just one more...each of your siblings made our family more and more of what God wanted us to become...each with their distinct personalities...a new dynamic would become part of who our portion of the Griffith clan would become...and you had the job of being God's gift of completing us! I can go back to each of my births as if they were yesterday...the emotions I felt with each one of you! Your day was different for me in many being induced...but two, coming to terms with the fact that for sure you would be the last one! You dad left the hospital to go bring the other kids back to see you and we had a good time of just you and me...after the other 3 I was beginning to realize how I needed to take those times and appreciate them...

You bring such joy to our are your dad made over...I love have his joy for laughter...peacemaker...and passions...

I was reading a blog this morning before I began to type and it was captured my thoughts today because it was written by a woman who has struggled to become the mom God would have her be and not the mom she thought she needed to be...

So this is for all 4 of you...

I cared too much what people thought of me.
It affected my rules, my words, and my actions.

Everyone of you deserved a mom whose identity was grounded and anchored in Christ, and not in her role as a wife and mom or walking around in a rage.  You deserved a mom who knew the God of the Bible and trusted that He was indeed a good, good Father. You deserved a mom who desired to connect to you hearts before correcting you behaviors.

But God.
And Grace.

You didn’t get what I thought you deserved,
but instead you got messy imperfect me.

You got to witness what it looks like to be broken.
You got to watch what it looks like to walk the path of healing.
You got to see God put the pieces of my shattered heart back together.

No, not one of you got what you deserved, but God kept His word and worked all things together for good.

my children never needed broken, messy me.
my children needed put together me.
But you each needed me (and continue to need me) to willing to empty myself of me so that Jesus can shine. 

Those are her words and not mine but that is my heart...I'm thankful for God's grace and forgiveness but so dearly thankful for the grace and forgiveness of my 4 amazing heros in my life...You are hero's because each one of you came out of my mess...standing in Christ... have always been a shining light for Christ...there is nothing in this life that makes this momma's heart more thankful and more inspired than that!

I love you so much...I tease you about still calling dad...daddy...but I'm sure thankful to be your momma!!!

Have a blessed and amazing day today!


Thursday, June 23, 2016


another year has rolled around...I love this man so much that God has blessed me are my best friend...we are both so guilty of not making enough time for one another...we never have...I'm not sure we know...but that is us...has been for 34 years...and for makes the alone times more precious...

I hope you know how loved you truly are...your daughters simply adore their father...all 3 of them...Bekah has the most special place of favorite daughter in law! Michael...he may not have become a trucker...but he is an image of Scott his integrity...his passion for life and laughter...his work ethic...he has followed very much in your footsteps! I know 6 little people that think poppy is a pretty cool guy too! a second generation of little people on the truck!

you have a wife who thinks you are just about it...the life we have together is so special...may we never take it for granted...I love you so much...Happy birthday!!!!



This year we have worked hard to not just be parents/child but to be friends...I love the change in our parents it is so hard to look at our children as adults...and for them to look into our eyes and understand that we see them as adults...this year we jumped that hurdle...(I'm a late bloomer...) it's not that we didn't see him as an adult...we did...but this year...this year Michael knows we see him that way...I am so proud of the person he is...the leader he is...the integrity he has...the husband he is...

Michael loves the Lord more and more each becomes more apparent all the time...he loves Beks like none other...I'd like to say that is because of the example his dad set for him...(and it did help!)...but as Michael falls more in love with his Savior...he falls more in love with his bride...

He and Bekah lead us in the very throne each Sunday...I know the Spirit is there each week as we close our eyes and sing to our King...

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.

So...this year I say happy birthday Michael and thank you...thanks for the life lessons you've taught me through the years...honestly you and your dad are the ones who taught me to laugh and how to laugh...thanks for loving me enough to go on and forgive...thanks for becoming the godly man you are...for being the husband you are...for standing up and being strong even when it's hard...for being you...I wouldn't want anything different!!!

Love you,

Monday, May 16, 2016

I pray He never stops speaking to me....

God is real...some of you know that...some of you wonder...and some of you just blame think that is a crazy dream made up by those who need to live in a fantasy world...but I know He is see...without Him...I wouldn't be here...I'm not talking about Him creating me and giving me life (which He did!)...I'm talking about when I was at my lowest to date...He raised me head and eyes to Him...He sustained me when I thought there was no hope...and nothing left to sustain...when you might ask, did this happen...years ago...the past few months and all the times in between...Oh some of those times were much worse than others...but I need Him...I need Him to help me out of face a very scary world...He has done and continues to do more for me than I could ever hope and certainly more than I deserve!

I've know I've been in a foggy place for a while now...yesterday...God reached deep into that fog...He spoke to me as clearly as if His audible voice whispered in my ear...He reminded me...this time I have put myself in a cage of my own making...don't get me wrong...that is not always the case...sometimes life is hard b/c of illness...or b/c of result of someone else's actions or choices...but this time...I've done this...and He has promises throughout His word for ways out of these struggles when these times arise in our I walk in His freedom or my own imprisonment that I've created...

I've struggled with my hip for the last few years...Scott can pull on my leg and it will help but the answer...every to make an appointment and go to see my chiropractor..and sometimes  is is quite painful for her to get things back to where they need to be...Yesterday God used even that silly illustration in my life...I want a quick fix to my problems and hurts...but I need to simply go to may be painful...but in the end...He heals...

This was said in church yesterday...I'm I guilty of do things FOR God but not spending time WITH God? Have I started following from a distance...that's human nature isn't it? If we are afraid of being hurt or if we are weary...we begin to lag back...following still...but from a distance...pain is real...but then I think of those in other places...who have gaping wounds or who have lost their lives because they choose to follow Jesus...then I think think of Christ...and what it cost that I could follow Him...yes it's true pain is real...yes it hurts...whether it is physical...emotional or both but He Is Worth It!

There is a freedom that is unexplainable for those of us who call ourselves Christ I want out of this cage I've created myself...I need Him to help me to overcome somethings...but again...He reminded me...He is everything I need and He has supplied everything I need...

I want my husband to fix it...but he can't, I want to fix it myself...and honestly I can't either...I can't ask my pastor to...or my church family to...I can only fall before the and obey...and allow Him to do a great and mighty work that gives me freedom and Him glory...

I can ask however, for prayers...they would be much appreciated...I would share the specific struggles...but really does it matter...I have have yours...and He desires to be glorified through the healing process...

Psalm 32:7-10 take time to read it today...

Thankful for His love...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Heather Michelle...

Another birthday...another year....I know this particular year has had it's prayer for you is that you can see God's hand in it even on the hardest of know...believe and claim the truth that God has you planted in your place for His greater purpose...

I'm so proud of the woman you are...the wife and momma you are as greatest fear in life...or at least one of that you kids would have my parenting skills...I'm so thankful you do are a loving momma who doesn't mind making a mess in order to make a memory...and you teach them about the real truth of life...Jesus...

I pray this year is extra special for you as you seek God's goodness and grace in and through you this year...your verse comes to my mind this after noon...John 11:35...may you weep over that He weeps over and may you find joy in what brings him joy...Ps. His presence!

I love you so much...have a great day!